Plan Development Process

Our goals were to develop a custom plan that truly received regional input, have a legitimate plan for executing the READI program grant, and commit to working together in the future.

To accomplish this, our regional development plan was built from scratch. It began by holding two, half-day Regional Planning Workshops with key leaders from across each of the six counties.

Regional Planning Workshops

These well-attended workshops helped communities realize how much we truly have in common.

Over the course of two, half-day workshops, key leaders from across each of six counties came together to discuss short-term needs, and also to look forward to the future in order to remain committed to working together as a region beyond the READI grant program. Upon completion of these two workshops, a regional vision was established, and key strategies were identified to support these priorities.

After the workshops, an executive committee was assigned to work out the details of the plan. The executive committee met weekly to turn the regional priorities into specific strategies with supporting action steps.

With draft strategies and action steps identified, the framework for the regional development plan was presented to a broader group of stakeholders in each community. Input from these stakeholders helped the team refine the plan to better meet a blend of local and regional needs. The final plan was worked out in collaborative sessions with the executive committee, and in small group work sessions in each county.

180 Alliance Structural Framework

To execute the plan, the 180 Alliance developed a management and administrative framework.


The Hendricks Regional Health Foundation will serve as the lead not-for-profit organization for administering READI funds during the implementation of the plan.


A board of directors consisting of equal representation from all participating counties will be appointed. All members will provide private sector members, and not elected officials.


A Program Manager will be retained to assist in technical components of project evaluations and recommendations.


The project investment criteria we have used in developing this plan include: Alignment with vision, overall readiness, and matches in the local government and private sectors.