Indiana’s Next Chapter

The 180 Alliance is Indiana’s next chapter in population and workforce growth. We believe our region has the most capacity for development and talent attraction in the state – and the numbers back us up. The six counties that comprise our region contributed a combined 22% of Indiana’s growth from 2010-2020

Our Strategy

While some regions are working to stabilize or reverse population losses, we face a much different – and more pressing – challenge: providing fulfilling jobs, a range of housing, and quality of life amenities for the people who making this region home. Here are our ideas for making that happen.

The 180 Region

Named for the six counties that form a half-circle around the north, west, and south sides of Indianapolis. This region is poised for growth and development across multiple sectors, from outdoor recreation and arts and culture, to downtown revitalization and new housing. Learn more about what’s happening around the region.

Planning & Execution

While our communities are in different stages of development, they share the same values: we want to direct growth to capacity areas while protecting our sense of place – what makes us so attractive in the first place. Here’s how we’re making that possible.

Measurement & Evaluation

Determining the success of our vision for the 180 Alliance region will require measuring  both progress and results. Our data analysis began with a review of general indicators, and continued with a deeper evaluation of metrics related to each of the specific strategies recommended in this plan.

Vision & Future Projects

The 180 Alliance region and leaders want our future to look different than growth we’ve seen elsewhere. While many boom towns attract more residents and build a larger economy, they fail to protect their original character. We’ve got bigger ideas.